Immunofluorescence Assays (IFA) by ORGENTEC

Standard Technique for Autoantibody Detection

The indirect immunofluorescence technique, or IFT, is one of the standard techniques of autoimmune diagnostics. IFT delivers rapid and reliable results and is often the method of choice when test antigens cannot be prepared for ELISA test systems or blot tests.

Our cultured cells and frozen sections allow for the simultaneous detection of numerous autoantibodies in a single analytical test. The combination of different substrates is especially suitable for autoantibody screening and the generation of antibody profiles.

The complete Spectrum of Autoimmune Diagnostics

Our large selection of special tissue sections from rats, mice, or primates, and our optimized cell cultures almost cover the full spectrum of autoimmune disease diagnostics.

Our HEp-2 cells are distinguished by their large nuclei and broad cytoplasms, which meet the criteria to make possible the certain and reliable appraisal of patient serum. Painstaking production methods ensure that the HEp-2 cells are optimally distributed on the slides and that there are a high number of stages of division.

Each lot of ORGENTEC IFT kits, IFT test slides, and all components for indirect immunofluorescence assays, are repeatedly tested by our experienced specialists. Only when the test kits, reagents, slides, and components meet our exacting quality standards do they come on the market.

The indirect immunofluorescence technique is complemented by our ELISA test systems and ORGENTEC immunoblots.

To the online Immunofluorescence Guide for autoimmune diagnostics:

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