Mainz / Düsseldorf - At the world’s biggest trade show for medical technology MEDICA commencing on 12th of November, ORGENTEC joins over 4500 other international exhibitors displaying latest projects and innovations. Therefore, we may give you an update on ORGENTEC’s most recent product developments!

Blot With Improved Antigen Portfolio For The Differentiation Of Autoimmune Liver Diseases

Specific autoantibodies play a pivotal role in the diagnosis of autoimmune liver disorders, namely autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) type 1 and 2, primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC), and primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) variants in adults and children.

Liver-9-Line 2nd Generation (ORG 722) from ORGENTEC therefore provides a set of antigens within one immunoblot for the identification of particular serological profiles that are typical of these autoimmune liver diseases.
Nine antigens per strip allow for a distinction between AIH subtypes and to rule out other liver diseases by a simultaneous and semi-quantitative detection of autoantibodies against AMA-M2, Sp100, gp210, SLA/LP, LKM-1, LC1, F-actin, alpha-actinin (NEW), tropomyosin (NEW).

More precisely, ORG 722 gives further diagnostic hints and improves performance in AIH-1 diagnostics. The immunoblot ORG 722 detects three important anti-smooth muscle antibody (ASMA) specificities as individual bands. In addition to F-actin, alpha-actinin and tropomyosin are important targets for autoantibodies in AIH-1. Alpha-actinin and tropomyosin replace desmin and myosin of the previous generation immunoblot, because according to current scientific findings, these two ASMAs show higher diagnostic relevance for AIH-1. In contrast the IFT technology does not differentiate between individual ASMA specificities.

Anti-F-actin and anti-alpha-actinin antibodies are detected simultaneously in more than 60 % AIH-1 patients. Approx. 16 % of AIH patients show singular reactivity to alpha-actinin (see Gueguen, Clinical Immunology 26, 495-505, 2006). If only a single F-actin band is available on an immunoblot these patients are lost. This diagnostic gap is now closed by adding alpha-actinin to the immunoblot strip. Furthermore, tropomyosin antibodies are found in one third of AIH patients. Antibodies against tropomyosin may also be detected in a subset of patients with PBC.

In addition, the combination of the ASMA antigens can be used for monitoring of therapy response in AIH-1 patients. This improves the performance of ORG 722 compared to the previous generation immunoblot ORG 721.

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