Employer’s Day at ORGENTEC Diagnostika – Students get a Taste of the Laboratory at the Mainz Company Headquarters

Mainz - Students from the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences crossed the Rhine for a glimpse of the working world in a Medical Technology company with global reach.
In presentations and discussions with the visitors from the Ruesselsheim campus, a bridge was constructed between the reality of research, the university, and scientific thinking – a successful initiative driven by Biotechnology Professor Dr. Ulrike Stadtmüller and the directors of ORGENTEC.

In the often-cited “War for Talent”, it is said to be important to have an active exchange between universities and local industry, according to ORGENTEC’s General Manager Dr. Stephan Becker. It is to the advantage of both.
The best young employees can thus find their way to up-and-coming companies faster and can get an earlier idea of what their later career will hold.
The second-year students were able to get an insight into both the challenges and the prospects offered by diagnostics research. They could see that mid-sized companies like ORGENTEC cannot remain isolated in the ivory tower of research, but must jump into international competition with a keen sense for the needs of their clients.

Using examples from his personal experiences, Director of International Sales Dr. Jörg Ruppert explained to the students that in the over 100 countries in which ORGENTEC operates, a solid mastery of English, the language of our business, and an awareness of other cultures are particularly important.
In addition to a tour through the research and production laboratories, the students were able to try the “Rheumachec” rapid test for rheumatoid arthritis on themselves. Director of Research and Developer Dr. Holger Bang emphasized the importance of rheumatoid arthritis as the largest cost factor in health care.


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